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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Toy review: Dado Cubes

Dado Cubes are a toy you won't mind leaving out in the living room. Each set contains 10 hollow plastic squares that are notched and can be assembled in endless configurations. They are sleek and gorgeous to look at and come in two remarkably inoffensive (for kids' toys!) color combinations. You can choose a subdued but not quite pastel multicolor original set or the new moody blue set.

Ours came while I was not home but of course Daddy and Roo opened it without me and threw away the box it came in, which would have been handy for storage since the Dado Cubes have no bottoms. Roo immediately ordained it a castle and dungeon for her She-Ra toys and Polly Pockets, which was highly amusing. She was more interested in filling the cubes with other stuff than in building the cubes up, which leads me to believe this toy might be more appropriate for older kids or those who already like to play with blocks. Like her father, for instance, who liked the concept but decided you would need an additional set or two to make it really, really fun.

The corners are pointy (like Legos) so I wouldn't suggest this for kids much younger than 3 or 4. I think kindergarten aged kids would really be into Dado Cubes and would have the patience and coordination to make good use out of them. Until Roo gets a bit older, we will be using ours mostly as modular housing for dolls and other toys. Actually, I think they would also make nice placeholders for a mod dinner party or a swanky photo display stand. Hmm. I might borrow them for a while, myself...

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