superdumb supervillain: What Are You Hiding Under Your Sk*rt?

Monday, June 18, 2007

What Are You Hiding Under Your Sk*rt?

Oddly, this thing is usually under my skirt these days. She's three going on thirteen, folks. How grown up does she look with her badass dinosaur tattoo?

Of course, I even think she's cute when she's hiding under the empire waists of my vast maternity skirts, which seems way more common nowadays than when she was a baby. I think she's doing some pre-baby-brother regressing. Just be glad I don't have pictures of her crawling around under my dress at the baby shower, trying to mummify herself or trying to coerce me into letting her nurse. Yikes.

The title of this post derives from another Parent Bloggers Network contest, this one in support of Sk*rt, the new online hub for women. If you register at Sk*rt and vote for my post here, I could win a plethora of cool things, including a swanky necklace and a caped shirt for Roo. Go on, it's absolutely free and only a wee bit addictive…If not, no biggie. I still think Roo looks pretty cute hanging out with her horsie.

If you want to try your luck at being less literal with whatever you're hiding under your skirt, post away. Here's the link on PBN.


  1. Cute tattoo! :)

  2. Hey SuperDumb,

    I lost your post on organic clothing. I approved it and it never showed up :( If you have the energy to re-write please do. If not I just wanted you to know that I wasn't blocking you out!


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