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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ooh La La Mama!

Part of me was hoping Jasper would be unusually huge, mostly because of these awesome onesies I received from Cindy at Ooh La La Mama. He's gained some weight, even in his first week of hospitalization, but he's still just over 7 lbs and not ready for the 3-6 month size yet. Sad but true! The designs are fantastic and non-baby-ish and the full-color printing process they use is really gorgeous and extends to both the front and back- see pic of all three for rear view. Even my husband Bob (professional artist who is usually totally uninterested in baby clothes) was impressed. He thought they looked like each one was handmade, even. I'm assuming they have some kind of miracle proprietary designer printing gear but no matter what, they are super gorgeous. Check them out ASAP! I am sure I will post some pics of Jasper in them once he can fill 'em out…

I think they should make toddler and kids' tees and dresses! I would love to see this stuff on Roo, too. If you agree, email to let them know! Here are some of the designs I would love to have for Roo, if the sizes went to 3T:

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