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Monday, August 27, 2007

Bling, Clothing and Feeding

We own a bunch of bathroom baby/kid stuff by Boon that we just love: the Frog Pod, the Flo, the all-powerful Potty Bench. We've coveted their Animal Bags and Flair highchair. Now it looks like Boon is preparing to bombard us with sleek, well-designed baby products en masse.

Boon's line of jewelry is made up of newborn and toddler/child bracelets that are so mod in their silvery spareness that they look like they were designed for Lapponia in the late '60s. Very Barbarella! I am not usually into baby jewelry but this stuff is super classy.

Their layette collection is similarly pared-down and chic. The well-appointed gift sets are gorgeous and would have made me weep with joy as a shower gift. Here's my favorite:

My favorite new things on Boon's website, though, are the snazzy feeding implements. The Squirt spoon has a reservoir handle that allows food to be dispensed with a squeeze. The Fluid sippy cup looks like a sculpture from Star Trek. And the ModWare looks... well, uh, mod. So very cool. I'm happy that Jasper will be starting solids in a couple of months just so I'll have an excuse to try them out…

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