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Monday, August 06, 2007

Sibling revelry

Finally, some new pics of Jasper, without the tubes and wires…

Jasper's first day at home.

And this was Roo, in the same outfit.

She loves to hold her baby brother! Actually, it's kind of a pain keeping her from kissing him all the time…

Jasper slept through his first trip to the zoo.

And here's his big sister at about the same age, so you can see the family resemblance, which I didn't initially.


  1. He is beautiful! I'm so glad he's home. Be glad Roo is so lovey-dovey. Who knows when it will change? Thanks for sending the pics. Love to Jasper.


  2. Gosh! Jasper looks so much like Roo! It is SO good to see him home and in the arms of his family where he belongs! Tell Bobby hi and congratulations for me. They all look so good!

  3. I love Jasper's cockeyed glance from the stroller. I need to see that baby and get me a hit of that fuzzy baby head!

  4. hi naomi!
    gorgeous kids! i see you're busy :)
    did you respond to me about which prize you wanted for the notneutral contest? i can't find an email from you with your address. please email me your choice + address at modmommy@gmail dot com


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