superdumb supervillain: Holiday Gift Options, vol. 2 (baby in the house!)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Holiday Gift Options, vol. 2 (baby in the house!)

Jasper has recently discovered that his hands are attached to his arms and that, with some concentration, he can reach out and grab stuff. Better yet, he can grab stuff and bring it to his increasingly drooly mouth. (This baby better be teething, otherwise I am afraid that due to gargantuan size and spittle content, he might be part Saint Bernard. On his dad's side, naturally.) He's discovered that it's fun to play with things that aren't attached to mommy! Yay!

We received this adorable bunny to try Jasper's newfound grabbiness out on. It is part of Kids Preferred's new series of plush developmental toys based on their popular Amazing Baby line of books. She features a crinkly skirt, teether flower, springy legs, and entrances babies, toddlers and kitty cats alike.

I was initially worried that the very pinkness of the bunny might put Jasper off because he's so obviously macho for a four-month-old, but it's pretty clear he's going to be a world-class skirt chaser:

I love the carabiner-like links on toys these days, you can snap 'em onto the infant carrier, the stroller, high chair, their clothes. When I need a couple of minutes to, say, write a blog post, I hang her from the doorknob next to my desk so that Jasper can bat at her and keep himself amused. (His deer-in-headlights expression is more about the slow flash on my camera than about his affection for the toy, by the way.) This sweet little bunny is a pretty good babysitter…

We also received a copy of the Amazing Baby Clap and Sing! board book, which comes with a CD of musical renditions of the featured nursery rhymes. The adorable illustrations are obviously the inspiration for the cute soft toys and it was fun to read "Hey Diddle, Diddle" and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" aloud instead of trying to say them from memory. Roo LOVED the CD and "reading" to her brother. It really did inspire a couple of hours of family fun, including an impromptu dance party that had both kids cracking up. (Yeah, I don't know why I didn't get a picture of that, either.)

For holiday gift-giving, the Kids Preferred Amazing Baby line also features a ducky who is just as precious and cuddly as his bunny cousin:

And I'm sure this soft stacking toy would be great for a slightly older baby. Or for kids who hit each other (or themselves) with toys a little too often:

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