superdumb supervillain: Happy Half-birthday, Jasper!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Half-birthday, Jasper!

You're six months old today, big boy! Who would have guessed you'd be in size 4 diapers by now?

Your sister was wearing that diaper size at 2, when she potty trained. I swear, you're going to be bigger than her someday soon. You're also eerily mobile, with the aid of that VERY brightly colored contraption grandma bought:

(By the way, intrepid readers, if you can come up with a baby walker that isn't ugly, you would make a mint. Seriously. You wouldn't even need to design anything new. In fact, you could even rip off this Graco one, just mold the plastic in neutrals or some of those schmancy shades that everyone loves these days. Chocolate, charcoal, buff, sage and robin's egg blue or whatnot.)

As fast as you are in that thing, your main goal is to catch up with your big sis. Man, do you ever love Roo! Even though her usual expression is more like this:

Sorry, big guy. No matter how much you may dwarf her in size, you will ALWAYS be her little bro!


  1. Did you know walkers have been banned/illegal in Canada for many years? It threw me to see Jasper in one!

  2. Carly, no I didn't know. I actually hate the things but since we are now living in a ranch house with no stairs to fall down, I figure it's less hazardous.

    I think the US is behind a lot of countries on safety regulations. Do you know why they are banned in Canada, aside from falling/tipping over problems?

  3. Naomi -

    He is just way too chunky and cute for words! Hard to believe when there is such a size difference in them, eh?

    Well, thanks for sharing them with us. YOU Rock!!:D


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