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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Room-A-Day Giveaway

Oh, my. Well, this is obviously the type of thing the internet is made for:

Dancing boxes widget

I am partial to the robot, on the moon. There is definitely something amusing about watching a dancing Kotex box.

Goofiness aside, Kimberly-Clark (parent company of many of your favorite household brands*) , is offering you a chance to win a $25,000 makeover for any room in your house in their Room-A-Day Giveaway. It's a chance to "relax, restore and renew" in the new year, starting from the home and hopefully extending through all facets of your life. Winners will be announced on The View between January 28th-February 15th, which I know would impress my female relatives, for sure. Almost as much as a lifetime supply of Kleenex! But that's another story altogether.

Enter daily, now through February 15th, at the Room-A-Day Giveaway website.

*We are a Kleenex family, for example. Except for Bob, that is, who has a bizarre aversion to touching or being touched by tissue. Seriously, he passes Roo the whole box if she needs to blow her nose!)


  1. There's something very wrong with Kotex and paper towels doing the hustle, but I couldn't tear myself away.

    I can't imagine dancing around as a box of Depends looking all cheery.

  2. I entered...I could really use this for my back porch. We are wanting to put in windows and turn into an all season room....crossing my fingers..Thanks.

  3. Thx for the info on the contest!


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