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Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Froose is Loose

Hi, I'm Naomi and my three year old daughter is a juice box junkie.

It's sad, but true. Those little aseptic boxes have an unholy power over her, so much so that I've stopped keeping them in the house. If she gets one, she just sucks it down and wants another one straight away. It's "all-natural" juice with no added sugar, but there is still not much nutritive value there, especially for a kid who would subsist on plain pasta and cheese sticks if I let her.

One way to sneak some nutrients into her is a new snack/drink called Froose that looks suspiciously like Roo's favorite juiceboxes but is made with whole grains and contains 3 g of fiber in each serving. They taste great, too- I know, I tried them all! Roo's favorite flavor is Cheerful Cherry, but Froose is also available in Playful Peach and Perfect Pear.

Froose is sweetened with organic brown rice syrup which is a complex carbohydrate, meaning you don't get the manic sugar highs. The boxes are dainty, just over four ounces, so they are perfect as a treat. I like to give Roo a box and then a bottle of water. Like a toddler aperitif.

Find Froose online now and look for it in stores near you sometime in the near future!


  1. G' Day! Greetings from The Land Down Under! I stopped by your blog today to say "thanks" for participating in my Bloggy Giveaway! I will post the winner tomorrow.

  2. Hey, where did you get Froose? I'd like to buy some for my kiddos...looks interesting!

  3. Whoops- Froose is available online right now:

  4. Oh great...I may get some mileage from this...thanks for sharing!!


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