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Monday, February 25, 2008

Jasper Atom, cub reporter

Check out Jasper's foray into investigative reviewing over at Z Recommends. He's sampled five varieties of BPA-free bottles for you, although he has his own fave, obviously…

Here's the non-objective, totally biased recap:

Aside from the sheer gorgeousness of the Adiri Natural Nurser, my top picks are the remarkably sturdy Born Free and the ergonomic thinkbaby bottles, both of which can be modified into sippy cups, which extends their usefulness while keeping baby happy with a familiar look. Hopefully Green to Grow will follow suit with a sippy version, it was very comparable to the thinkbaby, only sans propriety anti-colic nipple and with unbelievably cute graphics. (Seriously, people asked about them the most!) I can't see how Adiri could sippy-fy, but Jasper's gonna want to keep those bottles around as, umm, special friends. The Siliskins glass bottle protectors are great, if you're committed to using glass bottles, which I'm really not. (I was impressed with how convenient glass was to use and clean although the bigger 8 oz. bottles were a bit cumbersome, so I would recommend the 4 oz. size. They also make a silicon bib and Silipad, which look like terry wristbands but are actually grippy kneepads for the beginning crawler. Very cool! )

All of these companies show a level of concern for their consumers that is very encouraging. Their products are well-intentioned and thoughtfully designed and most are also packaged with an environmentally-conscious bent, too. If you're looking for a BPA-free alternative to your big box baby store bottles, any would be a great start.

As a side note, my endocrinologist said he'd never heard of BPA before and that it's all a bunch of media hooey. Uh, great.

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