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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Boon

If your typical Valentine's Day included a lot of stuffed animals, here's a great deal from one of my favorite all-around brands, Boon:

Get 10% off pink Animal Bags ordered online, just enter coupon code PINK at check out. But hurry– this offer is only good through Friday 2/15.

I've posted before about how much I love this brand. The Potty Bench is my hands-down favorite, since it has had such a positive impact on my quality of life, but the Animal Bag is pretty darned cool, too. Roo's is green although she probably would prefer the pink at this point but I can't wrap my mind around her having enough stuffed animals to require two of them! You can tell how much she loves it, though:

My latest Boon lifesaver is the sublime Squirt baby food dispensing spoon. Jasper is just starting solids, but I hate toting jars around, so I keep this bad boy filled with dry cereal in my purse. In the event of a hunger emergency, I can just add some water (or breastmilk, if I have some handy) and shake it up, presto! No mess, no stains, no extraneous cutlery to pack. Genius.

I'm hoping to try more of Boon's feeding line as Jasper needs them. Hopefully the Fluid sippy (BPA-free!) will be our next purchase. Roo already loves her Snack Ball, but it's a little ahead of Jasper for now. Of course, I'm hoping he'll somehow manage to break his big sister's hand-me-down highchair so we would have an excuse to try the Boon Flair


  1. I like Raining Cats and Dogs for my kids' playroom.

  2. I like the blue - it would work wonderfully in my son's room. Thanks for the opportunity!


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