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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Everything (Miss) Matches!

Oh, how I love LittleMissMatched! The whole line reminds me of Pippi Longstocking and Punky Brewster, two fantastically non-Bratz-y role models for girls. Roo has several things of theirs, including two of the cutest nightgowns ever. So cute, in fact, that I let her wear them as dresses, as seen in this pic of her with her cousins. Shhh.

The swimsuit line is online and making me wish for warmer days. I am so in love with this swimsuit and sundress set:

LittleMissMatched also recently branched out into baby duds, which is probably more exciting for parents of girls. Although I think Jasper could rock this onesie, what do you think? Too girly or are babies metrosexual enough for it not to matter?

Maybe I should stick to the equally-adorable bib:

And if clothes weren't enough, there is now LittleMissMatched Furniture! Oh, my. The Sketch-O-Rama series features whiteboard finishes you can draw on and the Switch-A-Roo line is infinitely customizable… both are very, very cool. Guess which set I think Roo needs?


  1. Little MisMatched socks are my VERY FAVORITE for me!!!!!!


  2. I was just going to blog about this! I'm a sock fan, and I couldn't believe of the all the new cuteness !

    And I wish H& M had a catalog here too like they do in Europe, I want that b&w dress!

  3. That little swimsuit and sun dress set is so cute! I'm going to head over and check out the Little MisMatched site...

  4. How cool! The Bear loves being mismatched...what a cool company. The swimsuit set will definitely be purchased!


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