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Monday, March 17, 2008

On the Flipside

Way back in the day, Flipside meant only a punk rock zine to me. Now it's a snack cracker. I am so very, very old. I received some new Keebler® Town House® Flipsides™ crackers to sample, in the Cheddar flavor. They're supposed to be a hybrid– a buttery cracker perfect for spreads or toppings with the crunch and flavor of a pretzel. I don't tend to serve a lot of dips or spreads at get togethers, but these made me crave a cheese ball. Regrettably, a lot of the crackers were crunched up in shipping, but that just made me think how yummy Keebler® Town House® Flipsides™ would be as a casserole topping or coating on some chicken tenders…

Roo liked the cheesy flavor, but she is an avid snack cracker fan. I wished they were more pretzelly. Bob couldn't stop eating them. Keebler® Town House® Flipsides™ are definitely delicious but I think I prefer the plain old Town House® crackers with toppings. These newfangled cracker-pretzels are better by themselves.

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  1. Hi Naomi

    I'm cracking up because that was my tag line too! Haha! Don't you just love Mom Central?



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