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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Poof, the Magic Pillow

I've tried a lot of nursing pillows but the Yogi Nursing by Yogi Poof is truly unique. It's a lot bigger than its Boppy brethren- about 3 feet by 2 feet- and filled with tiny foam pellets that conform to your shape and the shape of your baby. The pellets make a pleasant whooshing sound when settling and seem to distribute heat more evenly than traditional pillows. The website suggests pairing it with a Yogi Solo beanbag for a standalone nursing chair:

All Yogi Poof products feature a washable slipcover made of a sueded cotton/lycra knit fabric that is unbelievably soft, like your favorite worn-in t-shirt. Yogi Nursing's generous size also allows it to be used as a back and arm support. It is perfect for reading in bed once you put the baby to sleep! I will spare you breastfeeding pictures, but here's how our cats like to use our Yogi Nursing pillow:

I wish I'd had theYogi Mamba for my last pregnancy. This innovative body pillow, 5 feet long by 1 foot wide, would have been amazing for my aching back and belly. Actually, it would have been nice to sleep with when I was single, too…

Another mom-centric product is the Yogi Bolster. It's available in 5 or 7 foot lengths and a variety of rainbow colored stripes. I think it is totally brilliant as a crib bumper:

The one we received is a bit pink for Jasper's room, so Roo has been using it as a bolster in her bunk bed, filling the gap between her mattress and the wall. Of course, Jasper likes to play with it, pink or not:

Yogi Poof offers a wide variety of beanbag-type furniture styles and sizes and outdoor models will be available soon. It would be fantastic to have a weatherproof Mini Yogipoof or two for Roo's playhouse. I am most curious about the Yogi Buddy, which looks like a mod flower or stylized person (hard to tell from the web pics) and is apparently quick-drying and buoyant enough to float your baby in the pool. I would definitely love to check that out with Jasper this summer!

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