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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good Little Bunnies

Roo loves Peter Rabbit. I think she relates to his mischeviousness and constant snack lust, although I wish she was more interested in fresh produce.

Kids Preferred has introduced a lovely new line of Peter Rabbit soft toys, perfect for gift giving. The luxurious Naturally Better™ Peter Rabbit toys are produced in accordance with The World of Beatrix Potter™ initiative, backed by a Corporate Social Responsibility Charter, with the aim of developing products which are better for the environment, better for mothers and children and better for the people who make them. Peter Rabbit (18") and all three of his sisters (13") are "made from certified organic cotton, eco-friendly materials and are Phthalate free. They come in recyclable, reusable, PVC free packaging and are produced in socially responsible factories." And, perhaps most importantly, they are heart-meltingly cute:

I doubt mean old Mr. McGregor would We received Mopsy and she is a cutie. She's so soft and snuggly. I gave her to Jasper, but found her in Roo's bed this morning. Typical! I think big sis might need a bunny of her own…

Want to win your own Naturally Better™ Peter Rabbit? Stop by Did You See That? to win your choice of bunny.


  1. I'm on my way over!!! Thanks for the post!!! And by the way... your kids are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!
    Pinks & BLues

  2. Those bunnies *are* cute! I love stuffed animals/toys based on classic books.


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