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Thursday, April 10, 2008

IGNES for luxe mamas

IGNES Handbags are just gorgeous. Designed in London and produced in Uruguay, these bags already have a jet-setting pedigree, even before you take them anywhere! There are 17 fashion-forward styles featured on their website and they are made to order for you in a mind-boggling selection of shiny patent, sophisticated shaggy hides, supple smooth and funky metallic leathers.

They would definitely add some glam to playgroup!

Sofia could work as a Barbarella-esque diaper bag:

Romy could be tucked into your massive mommy bag, ready to ditch the dowdy at a moment's notice!

Millie is not a bit practical for maternal life (white, fuzzy, chains) but I don't care because it is absolutely precious:

For a chance to win your favorite IGNES Handbag from their vast selection of gorgeousness, end an email to IGNES letting them know which one would be your top pick. Mention that Naomi sent you and if one of us wins, we both get complimentary leather pouches, too!

I'm crossing my fingers.

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  1. Oh my goodness- I just bought a new bag, but now I want one of these!



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