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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Scootababy baby carrier

Jasper has mommy issues. Maybe it's just boys (I've heard that's true), but this kid wants to be held 24-7. In an upright position. My back hurts, my arms ache, I can't get anything done. Slings work sometimes but I still have to hold an arm around my increasingly wiggly boy. Bob can carry him in our old front carrier (a Theodore Bean, which I don't think is on the market anymore) but he hates it on me, I am assuming because he can't snuggle when facing forward. By the end of the day, I feel like someone's done a Vulcan Nerve Pinch on me.

I was so excited to try the Scootababy, which merges the adjustability of a ring sling with the sturdiness of a front carrier, but in a new-fangled side saddle position that is closer to how I carry Jasper naturally. It's made of black denim with a hidden colorful jellybean print cotton lining (you know it's there!) and a stretchy microfleece shoulder strap.

The buckles at the waist and shoulder can be adjusted easily with one hand and it is very easy to get even a fidgety baby like mine positioned properly. It is a bit bulky with the lightly padded pouch and waist belt, but I imagine the stiff denim will soften with age and use and become easier to fold up into the nylon carry pouch the Scootababy came in. The padded seat seems comfortable for baby and situated Jasper perfectly to rest his head on my bosom. If I was more coordinated, I imagine I could even nurse him in this carrier.

I can even take one-handed pictures with the Scootababy, although getting the baby to smile while doing so is not guaranteed… All in all, this is a great carrier for people who want more structure than a sling offers but still want face time with baby.

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