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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mama Mio, Here We Go Again…

I hate to admit it, but some product lines actually make me wish I was pregnant again. Mama Mio, for one. Oh, how I loved rubbing my belly with their sublime Tummy Rub Oil. Truth be told, I wasn't impressed on first use. I have always been a greasy girl, so the concept of dousing myself in oil was not very enticing. But Tummy Rub soaked in quickly and its scent (Gravida, a proprietary blend of ten essential oils) reminded me of the ocean. Happy times.

Fast forward ten months and it's hard to find time to pamper myself with a ten month old who only likes to sleep on me and a four year old budding drama queen. I miss the giant belly that gave me a pass to have some downtime every once in a while. Luckily, Mama Mio makes stuff for post-partum mamas, too. I've been using Boob Tube to try and minimize the effects of nursing two hungry babies. It helps to retain elasticity and firmness. Perky!

Tummy Toner is a serum that seeks to lift, tighten and tone slack skin. I didn't get any stretch marks with Roo, but Jasper gave me some. This helps me resent him less.

Shrink to Fit Cream is amazing. It reduces the appearance of cellulite (which I don't have too much of, thankfully) and water retention (which I have in spades, not so thankfully). The website touts its active ingredient as Adiposlim™, an amazing new ingredient proven in lab testing to help shrink fat cells and then prevent new fat cells for forming. I don't know about that, but it makes my skin look smooth and almost bathing suit ready. Plus it has the Gravida scent that makes me happy, happy, happy.

Mama Mio has a ton of gorgeous gift baskets that are perfect for gifting to expectant mamas and yourself. The next product of theirs I want to try is OMega Body Oil, which I am thinking might give me all the jollies of belly-rubbing pregnancy, without all that extra added… baby.


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