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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Desert Island Diaper Bag

The title of this post refers to the old "desert island discs" feature that Tower Records used to have in their newsletter/magazine, the column where people would choose the albums they would want to have in the unlikely event that they were stranded with nothing but a turntable. Wow, writing that explanation makes me feel super old.

I am often asked what my favorite baby and kid items are and most of them are pretty standard. The one that I recommend most enthusiastically, especially to parents of new walkers and toddlers: Davies Babies' Boo Boo Stick. This amazing balm actually stops bruises from forming! Seriously. I have kept it on hand since Roo was first scooting around and it never fails. No matter how hard that thump you heard was, if you apply a slathering of this stuff, you will avoid the dreaded purple goose egg. I use it on myself, too, with the same results. It is awesome, my friends. The scent is a little blah and it is about the consistency of waxy Vaseline (very sticky! will attract dirt and cat hair!), but Davies Babies' Boo Boo Stick is a portable wonder. If you have an accident-prone little one in your life, it's a must-have.

Oddly, I have never tried the rest of the Davies Babies line. Well, that's not true. We tried their hair detangler spray but the nozzle got stuck and I never got around to returning it to the store. But it doesn't look like they even make that anymore. Their grown-up line (Davies Gate) looks really smashing, too, but you know I never buy luxury stuff for myself anymore…sad, but true.

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  1. What is it? Is it Arnica Gel? My mother-in-law got us some of this - it's a homeopathic remedy to prevent bruising and bumping. Hard to say if it works 'cause its hard to say if a bruise would've formed, but seems to be okay.


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