superdumb supervillain: Double Vision

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Double Vision

Polaroid isn't going to be making instant film anymore, so I'm pretty psyched that I got this trippy double exposure of Jasper. Sure, you could get the same effect in Photoshop, but this was a total lucky fluke. I'll miss crazy pictures like this but not the $1 per shot hanging over my head.


  1. I miss taking picture using films. But polaroid is a hit. Takes a minute to get your photos. :D

    Now that's a great photo without needing to use photoshop.

  2. thay still be done with digital as well i got some of my little one by useing my new cam the other day

  3. No more instant film? I was polaroid-crazy when I was about 6. I got a camera for my birthday and took dozens of pictures of my stuffed animals in various poses. Well, "poses". They couldn't really move much.

    This picture takes me back, and makes me a little dizzy, too.

  4. Those are my favorite kinds of pictures!


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