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Friday, June 06, 2008

We're too busy

I got an email from my cousin today wishing us a happy belated anniversary. Oh, yeah. We did get married in June, didn't we?

Both of us totally forgot our sixth anniversary*.

At least both of us suck equally.

*Traditional sixth anniversary gifts are candy and iron, should anyone want to make up for our thoughtlessness. A modern alternative gift is apparently wood, which Bob would be thrilled to carve into something once his gimpy finger heals from his recent knife incident….


  1. Are you serious! Maybe we need to get you a calandar as well. :giggle: Add that to the list for six years.

  2. tee hee... I love it. My husband and I usually remember ours but we do absolutely NOTHING for our anniversaries... pathetic eh? It's just not our thing :)

  3. Happy 6th! The Mrs. and I will celebrate our 6th this October. We remember ours! Haha, but we usually don't exchange gifts, rather we'll grab some nice grub sans kiddies.

  4. Happy Anniversary, Naomi and Bob! Rich and I just celebrated our 16th yesterday! He gave me a new power cord for my laptop and I got him a part for his Corvette. So romantic, eh? But those things we really needed, so we were both very very happy!! :)

  5. We just celebrated our 8th on May 27th. We didn't do gifts either...too much effort. :)
    Happy Anniversary to you two!

  6. That is too funny that you both would forget! Happy Anniversary, hope it was good :)

  7. hey happy anniversary! LOL.. at least someone else remembered it right?


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