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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Laugh It Up, Furball…

We have six indoor/outdoor cats and it's been over 100º for the past week. Shedding is definitely a concern in our household. I've tried several different brushes and combs over the years with no success, but I think we have finally found something that actually lives up to its promise: the FURminator deShedding Tool.

The FURminator is a comb-like device with a sturdy handle that removes the undercoat of your pet's hair without cutting or damaging. It looks a lot like a metal nit comb and I guess it pulls the loose hairs (the ones that typically end up all over your clothes and furniture!) right out. In mounds. Seriously, I didn't expect the crazy amount of hair this sucker can extract. The photo below shows the shed debris from Piewackett (grey), t. Rex (orange) and Superchunk (black) from our first trial run. They were all combed cursorily with the FURminator deShedding Tool, just a minute or two each. Obviously, Chunk is the most bristly-haired and least likely to shed ordinarily. His little clump of hair looks startling like something you would avoid on a public toilet. Pie's grey tufts show that she is a short-haired cat who sometimes feels like a long-haired cat. And Rex… well, I could knit a sweater from that kitty alone.

FURminator makes deShedding tools in several sizes for dogs and horses, too, plus shampoos and solutions that expedite the removal process. I was too lazy to try and use the shampoo and conditioner samples I was sent but the Waterless deShedding Shampoo for Cats seemed simple enough to use: just spray, rub in, let dry and then FURminate. Not that my critters like it, but it's not the worst thing they've ever experienced. And it leaves their coats shiny and fragrant, which is a big plus.

I found a video on YouTube that I think exemplifies the wonders of the FURminator deShedding Tool. And underscores why you'll want to use it somewhere you can vacuum…

Did I mention that the FURminator deShedding Tool supposedly eliminates hairballs? We haven't found any since we first used the tool, so it might actually be true. But a 90% reduction in shedding is pretty darned sweet, too. And well worth the $30 or so the FURminator will set you back.

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  1. We own a Furminator for our cats and it does get a TON of fur off. One cat, Peaches, is very straight fur and it works fantastic all over on her. Our other cat, Lottie, though is a different story, she is a fluffy furred (is that a word LOL) cat and she does get a bit knotted and as the Furminator instructions say, do not use it on matted or knotted fur. It definitely hurts on those types of spots we found out by accident. Now if I could just get myself to brushing them more often LOL. The Furminator is worth the money though.


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