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Friday, July 11, 2008

Live Nude Mom

My skin has been absolutely crazy since Jasper was born almost a year ago. I've been oily my whole life and suddenly I have dry, scaly patches and puffy eyes. I am starting to actually look my age. Horror! The skincare I'd been using was too heavy but my skin seemed parched. What to do? Apparently, if you're me, you use the free bars of soap and bottles of body wash from the motels on your endless road trip. Not good.

When I got back from our trip, after two days in a car with a four year old and one year old, tons of nasty fast food and sodapop for my diet and motel skincare regime had taken their toll. My skin was ashy and dry. But I had a package from Nude Skincare waiting for me and in four short days of use, I've actually seen a change in my skin. Seriously!

I received the cleansing facial wash and intense moisture mask and they are both remarkable. The facial wash is a clear gel that has a scent that reminds me of rose water and is very cleansing without stripping your skin. It leaves mine dewy and soft. For real. I was skeptical about the intense moisture mask, since I thought it might weigh too heavily on my skin, but it is very light and emollient. You are supposed to wipe it off but I leave it as a moisturizer and it has completely eliminated my problematic dry patches. And I'm still not particularly greasy looking.

Nude was created by Bryan Meehan, who runs a successful chain of organic food stores in the UK and Ali Hewson, activist and designer of Edun an organic/fair trade clothing company (and Mrs. Bono). The line is committed to providing natural ingredients that actually work, in packaging that is environmentally responsible. Nude features biodegradable sleeves, packaging that’s 50% post industrial recycled polypropylene and is completely recyclable. From their website:

What makes nude products unique.
nude is biocompatible, using high performance bioavailable ingredients to deliver results.
The range works with the skin’s own amazing biology and uses ingredients the body can recognise to deliver incredible results.

Pre and probiotics strengthen the skin’s natural biology to reduce premature ageing, inflammation and dehydration.

Peptides, phytoactives and bioactives target the causes and signs of ageing to firm and smooth the skin whilst potent antioxidants protect the skin against environmental damage.

Beautiful ingredients such as cupuacu, manketti, baobab and avellana provide essential fatty acids, nutrition and hydration for soft, supple skin.

Internal supplements complete the range. Probiotic cultures and supercritical herb extracts optimise bioavailability, absorption and potency.

The result is naturally beautiful skin.

I don't know much about Pre or Probiotics but I do know that the products seem to make my skin look and feel great and the bottles look super on my bathroom counter. The colors of the packaging even look great with Bob's painting we have hanging over the tub (one of my all-time favorites!):

Nude Skincare is now available in the US at Sephora.


  1. Thank you so much for that suggestion. I have such dry skin and am always looking for a new product to try that might actually work. I think I will try it!

  2. Dry skin victim here too. Will try. Thanks.

    Angie (over at


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