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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Must Be Mutsy!

I've never been a fan of our Ikea high chair. I liked its clean lines and unfinished wood but it's big and clunky and I stub my toe on it constantly. The tray is so massive that it's hard for me to wash in the sink, much less the dishwasher. And it didn't come with pads, although I had a cute one made. This wasn't an issue with Roo because she's always been pretty calm, but Jasper is a head-banger and he's constantly conking his head on the backrest of baby doom. I'd been contemplating a new high chair but Jasper is physically big enough for a booster at the grown-up table, so we decided to try the Mutsy Grow-Up!, a stylish and lightweight option.

The Grow-Up! comes in four candy colors, all with a pale grey harness. It weighs less than 4 lbs and is constructed with very few seams for excellent wipe-ability, something that is very important for Jasper's mealtimes. The seat is molded out of a very flexible foam so I imagine it is also very comfortable. The Grow-Up! attaches to most chairs (even our super chunky dining set) with two simple clicks and the harness is easily adjustable– it's not tightened properly in the picture below.

Jasper took to the Grow-Up! right away and it's been very popular. So popular that I usually have to chase Roo out of it at dinnertime! Sometimes it's rough to be the big sister…

The Mutsy Grow-Up! Booster Seat is available online at Bare Babies.

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  1. Wow ... that is so cute (Jasper too).

    I can't believe how big he is getting ... ALREADY.

  2. What a big boy! Jaspy looks like a fan of the Musty.

  3. Ooh, give one away, give one away! These look so cool!

  4. This is a great product! It would be perfect for us since our kitchen is so tiny and space is at a premium!

  5. I LOVE the new booster seats that convert to highchair. A tad too late for my kids but still..
    Thanks for the review; I'll know now to refer everyone there.

  6. Your little boy is utterly cute! I too am sick of our high chair, it takes up way too much space in this apartment, the mutsy looks fab!

  7. That is perfect, I love it! Little AG is getting too big for her high chair -- I may look into this.


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