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Monday, August 04, 2008

A Room-mate You'll Actually Like

Roo is starting a new preschool at the end of the month and we're excited because it's more of an academically-oriented Montessori program. Her old preschool was great, but really more of a glorified daycare situation. So this is our first "back to school" season, ever. I wish we had more stuff to buy to get prepared!

I always loved shopping for school stuff but I must admit that kids today have way more options than I ever did. I think the toughest choice I ever had to make was which color Trapper Keeper to get! These days, there are more character-branded options than you can even imagine. Luckily, there are also full suites of supplies that transcend mere school supplies and become lifestyle decor. Room It Up lets girls of all ages live beautifully– and well-coordinated!

Room It Up has a fun, fashionable accessory in one of ten patterns available in any style you can imagine, from backpacks and lunchbags to closet organizers to beach towels and luggage. My favorite item and the signature piece of their brand is the lap desk. When I was little, my grandma got me a lap desk and I carried it everywhere. I used it to draw on, to write letters, to hold my books. It was one of my prized possessions. I can only imagine what I would have thought of these newfangled lap desks! These utterly useful items are not only gorgeous, with the signature Room It Up prints, but they feature a built-in cupholder that would be perfect for a drink or a fistful of gel pens… my poor old lap desk with its pasteboard table and denim pillow would feel downright dowdy. Roo L-O-V-E-S it.

It makes a nice shield against kid brothers, too…

Room It Up products are as well-priced as they are attractive, too. The lap desks run $28, the lunchbags are $16 and the backpacks are $25. Coordinating diaper bags are $50 and gigantic rolling duffel bags are $60. Fleece throws are only $12! It's enough to make you want your whole life to match.

Thank goodness they don't do clothes or we might look like a crazy tourist family in Waikiki, all decked out in matching Boho Flower (my favorite Room It Up pattern) resort wear.


  1. That lap desk would go perfectly in our bedroom since we have polka dots everywhere!

  2. Hey,
    I just wanted to let you know that you had won the reversible bird seed skirt giveaway! All you have to do is send me the address that you would like it sent to and I'll run down to the post office today:)


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