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Monday, September 15, 2008

Skirt(y)ing The Issue

I've been holding off of writing about this particular item because I really wanted to get an action shot of Roo in it. No dice. Bob's been bugging me all summer about getting Roo some little shorts or something to wear underneath her skirts now that she's shed any semblance of baby and is a full-fledged girl. She's been flashing her panties to the world and apparently it bothers her overprotective daddy. But when mommy grabs a camera and tries to get her to pull her skirt up, no way, no how. Four year olds are like that.

Anyway, I found the perfect solution for girls like Roo who alternate between being total princesses and skinned-knee tomboys: The Skirty. Cuter than bike shorts but not as fussy as pantaloons or bloomers, The Skirty maintains some decorum on the playground. And look at the pretty lace!

Roo likes it because it has a lower waist and she has an irrational dislike of anything that touches her belly button. The Skirty also acts as an added layer for those stubborn gals who refuse to wear anything but dresses. All year 'round. Did I mention how totally adorable the lace trim is?

The Skirty was created by Rebekah Merkle, an Idaho expat and mother of five gorgeous kids living in the bucolic English countryside. She envisioned it as an accoutrement to her clothing line, Amoretti Designs, which will unveil its new Spring collection in January. She believes that beautiful clothes and practical clothes for children are not mutually exclusive. The Skirty provides a rock-solid (yet daintily lacy!) foundation for her graceful designs.

If you would like the chance to win a Skirty, visit Rebekah's blog Amoretti and the Fortnightly Purse where she gives one away fortnightly– every two weeks. The current contest ends on September 26th, so hurry! And bear in mind that for every Skirty you buy through December 31, you will get a chance to win $100 credit toward Amoretti Designs' Spring Collection!

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  1. Those are so cute. And I love that black and white dress in the other photo. I wish they made these things when I was a girl.


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