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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday- the great escape! plus bedtime stories

I know it's Wordless Wednesday but these bear some explaining.

Yesterday Jasper managed to get out of the screen door and into the backyard while I was checking on laundry. He shut the door behind himself, sneaky boy… his destination? Daddy's lawnmower.

Today it is raining and mean old mommy just cracked the door enough for kitties to come and go. Jasper, with his newfound lust for freedom, is not amused AT ALL.

At least his big sister puts up with him. Most of the time.


  1. Ah, but he's had a sweet taste of daddy's lawnmower now . . . there will be no stopping him. Rain or not!

  2. Poooooor Jasper. Deeds gets that same look in his eye when I deny him what he truly wants.

    Hopefully it's their age, right?

  3. That is SO adorable! What a mischeivous little guy!

  4. Oh that is just DARLIN' Naomi.

    His and her expressions are so wonderful! He looks so impish, then MAD and finally resigned to his lot. She, so sweet and sisterly. Like Princess Diana, she aids the forlorn.
    Ah, kids...
    You are truly blessed!

  5. Oh you can just see the tears welled up in his eyes! So so cute. They seem to get along really well, at least for the photos! I want another child already, so SoJo has a sibling.


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