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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Salsa y Ketchup*

Baby Loves Salsa: Salsa para los gatitos y perritos (Salsa for Kittens and Puppies) is the latest installment in the series that brought us the ever-popular Baby Loves Hip Hop CD last spring. Salsa is infectious and a perfect fit for kids' music. I remember how much I loved the Buena Vista Music Club soundtrack when it came out and this is very similar in scope, but instead of being about a group of aging Cuban musicians, it's about a band of cats and dogs! Being cat lovers, our very favorite track is the unbelievably catchy "Meow How How."

We received a promotional copy without the artwork but the retail version of Baby Loves Salsa: Salsa para los gatitos y perritos comes in a 20-page board book that tells the story of story of a group of kittens and puppies (gatitos y perritos) from NYC who go on to become the best salsa band in the land. Visit the Baby Loves Salsa downloads page for extras including the CD booklet (as a printable PDF download), song samples, coloring pages, and even an animated music video for "Bailar Rapido"! The Learn Spanish page also features fun printables, with a bilingual bent. There's even a page for parents who want to learn more about salsa!

Warning: this is not bedtime music! Your kids will be dancing and singing, starting a conga line…

*brownie points for anyone who knows where I got the title for this post

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  1. Alex Cox's Straight to Hell? "Salsa y ketchup, you tell me and I'll fetch up?" Ok, it sounded familiar but I had to google it. Does that disqualify me from any brownie points?

    I always liked the Pogues' The Good the Bad and the Ugly from that film:

    Now if it had been something from Repo Man, I would have had it nailed without help of Google :)


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