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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sing, Sing A Song…

Roo has always loved music. When she was a baby, she would kick her legs on beat and headbang with aplomb. T. Rex was her favorite. She could sing before she could talk and once asked me if she could have a guitar solo for her birthday. I am still not sure what she meant by that! These days, she makes up her own songs incessantly and I have to say she has a sense of melody that I do not possess. Right now, she is bopping around in her room singing along to April March. That's my girl!

While she likes music meant for kids (like hip hop ultra-group The Dino 5 and the ubiquitous Laurie Berkner), Roo's taste is often startlingly sophisticated... two of her favorite songs to sing along to are PJ Harvey "The Snake" and Viva Voce's "From The Devil Himself." I can only imagine what she'll be listening to as a teenager. Do you think she'll rebel and listen only to Radio Disney stuff?!

Dressed to impress her Penn State Alum grandpa.
One of his employees got her this 18 month cheerleading outfit…
I can't believe it fit almost-five year old Roo!
Bob said I can't put it on Jasper, even though it's technically his size.

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  1. That's so cool...I sing lots of PJ Harvey's songs from Rid of Me to Sojo when we're in the car and I have the cd on. I think he's going to be hopelessly stuck in 90s alternative rock until he can work an MP3 player.

    SoJo's grandpa is also a PSU grad, so we have quite a few outfits. I just need to take a photo of him one of these days. Her hair looks great!

  2. WHAT? Shouldn't that child be listening to Hannah Montana?
    Have you ever heard "Trout Fishing in America"? Emil used to like them when he was into kids music for the day.

    She looks adorable; I think you have a little cheerleader on your hands!

  3. We are PENN STATE!!!

    Love the look. :)


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