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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Joovy is Groovy

Something fabulous came in the mail yesterday and I had to spread the word about it ASAP! Joovy, makers of innovative strollers like the multi-kid Caboose series and Groove2, also make a line of baby gear for dolls and they were generous enough to send some samples our way. Roo has worn through a couple of cheapo doll strollers in her four and a half years so I was anxious to try the Joovy Toy Caboose. Its website description touts it as the "finest toy stroller you can buy" and now that I've seen it, I don't doubt it at all. This is a fully-functioning stroller with pivoting wheels, sliding rear seat pad, reclining seat, detachable canopy and food/play tray… it's the real deal!

The Joovy Toy Caboose is so authentic, in fact, that the matching Joovy Toy Carseat actually fits onto it the way an actual baby bucket would fit onto the real-life Caboose! I was suitably impressed, just pulling them out of the box. They are sturdy and possess five-point harnesses and durable tailored fabric coverings. The Joovy Toy Carseat even comes with a seatbelt tightening clip and LATCH hooks so you can position its base correctly in your backseat, next to your child's carseat! All of the features mirror those of real baby gear closely to help teach your children how important safety features are. I think the Joovy Toy Carseat, in particular, could be a great aid for families expecting a second child. During the last trimester or so, you could let big brother or big sister get used to having a baby to tote around… Roo would have loved that.

Of course, she loves the Joovy Toy Caboose plenty, even without a pregnant mama! She packed up her baby doll in the stroller along with enough play food to feed an army plus some blankets and toys, just in case, and immediately started doing laps around the house. Here's what she looked like when I suggested letting Jasper take it for a spin. She looks kinda like the vampires on Buffy.

Doesn't she look like all the mommies at the park in her yoga pants? If only she had a Starbucks cup and a cell phone…

I even got her to stand still for a moment so you could see the stroller in action. Just barely! She was so scared that Jasper would swipe it that she didn't stop moving. Poor little guy. He liked using it as a super-speedy walker. Although truthfully, he would have been just as happy playing with the wheels before I assembled them. Did I mention that it took all of five minutes for me to put the Joovy Toy Caboose together? Not bad considering I had a 15 month old pulling at me and a 4 year old asking if it was done yet. Her only complaint? "I thought it would come with the doll in the picture." Nope, sorry, kiddo. Most things in life come a la carte.

If you have a doll or stuffed animal lover in the house, I highly recommend the Joovy Toy Caboose as THE gift for the holiday season. If you're expecting a baby, I also endorse the Joovy Toy Carseat. They also make a Toy Booster Seat that I imagine functions similarly… it could be a great toy for kids with a special doll or stuffed animal that you'd like to leave in the car…

Also worth noting– Joovy has reduced their toy prices for the holidays! Joovy Toy Caboose was $119.99 and is now marked down to $79.99. (Reduced holiday bargain toy prices are available online at Joovy.) It seems high but the quality is worth it, especially if your child has worn out more than one $10 doll stroller or if you plan on having more kids to play with it down the line. I think the Joovy Toy Caboose will be the kind of heirloom toy that gets passed down quite a bit. And it just makes me want to try the full-size Caboose to see if all the features are just as cool in real scale!


  1. Wow ... Georgia would die for this! She has a couple junkie ones and loves them.

  2. wow i think that is a real cute doll buggy

  3. Oh my. Yesterday a witch and today a downright demonic look.
    Ah the many faces of Roo..
    Now THAT is my kind of toy! Only five minutes to assemble? I've gotten so if the package says "assembly required", I run like heck. It's so cute; lucky Roo and you. Poor Jasper. We need boy toys!

  4. I was with you until the price tag! I bought an un-toy Joovy Sit-n-Stand stroller for $119! I thought that was a lot!
    Good thing I wasn't eating when i read that. I would have choked.
    That being said, Joovy sample people, I'm ready and waiting! Love ya! ;)

  5. haha! It's a fabulous toy but I'm with CanCan just a little too much to pay for a toy.


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