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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Flipping Out

I've been lusting after a Flip Digital Video Camera for a while now. It seems like they are all over the internet! But when I found out you could have your own graphics printed onto a new Flip Mino, I had to get one and try it out. I had one of Bob's old paintings put onto my Flip Mino HD. Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen?!

Now aside from its obvious physical appeal, the Flip Mino's real beauty lies in its intuitiveness. As soon as I opened up the box (which, by the way, is made of a sueded paper that feels oddly sexy for a gadget… especially one that doesn't bear the Apple logo…), I could use the Flip Mino. It has one big red button that acts as your main recording control and is surrounded by six very sensitive touch screen buttons for your secondary controls. It was actually charged and ready to go so I took some wobbly video of Roo and Jasper to check it out.

Lo and behold, when I plug the Flip Mino directly into my USB drive (the adaptor flips out of the top of the device, hence the name), it automatically loads to my iPhoto account. Awesome. And the videos are excellent HD quality, widescreen formatted masterpieces of my kiddos. What's not to love? The proprietary FlipShare software even lets you directly email or upload to YouTube, which is how I embedded the following sample videos here. They're not cinematic masterpieces, but the onus is all on me, not the Flip Mino! These are a couple of the first videos I recorded, so hopefully my inner auteur will come out soon…

Does anyone know how to make these fit better on my blog template?


  1. Oh.. he's a gentle jammer and she's just a hard rocker.
    I'm so happy for you that you got one finally and that is soooo cool that you can customize. Naturally, I'm partial to that one. Hey! Maybe Bob can pass those out as promo cams.
    You DO know I'm a fan of his, right?

  2. That is so cool! BTW, your kids are adorable! I wanted a Flip before, but now I really want one. I am very happy you have one and I love how you decorated it. Enjoy! :)

  3. Oh wow. That's going on my birthday wishlist for sure.

  4. That is so cool with Bob's art on it! I'm really jealous now. My parents got us a similar camera for Christmas but I haven't uploaded anything yet to the old blog. I'm waiting for something really interesting, like full-blown walking.

    And how cute are those two? I love the jumping, and how Roo felt the need to fill in for Jasper's lack of jumping when he got distracted.

  5. I'm horrible with taht stuff!

    But your flip looks fabulous! Who knew you could get taht done. Yours looks great!

  6. That is so cute, I made my husband watch the video of Jaspy Jumping.
    I'm all, "Lets teach Deacon to jump!!"

    And I think Youtube switched to some kind of wide screen format. Not sure you can change it.

  7. I have been wanting one of those for a long time now. Maybe I'll just cave and get one. Looks like your daughter loves the camera, too!

    Also, thank you for stopping by and for your kind words and support. I really appreciate it!


  8. In your code just go in and resize your video width and height dimensions to make them smaller and fit better on your blog

  9. I have the Ultra, but I've been eyeing the HD one that you are featuring here. I'd love to see how the two "compare." :)


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