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Monday, January 19, 2009

How Yummie is your Tummie?

I wish I could say I was happier with my body. But even as disgruntled as I usually am about my flubby mid-section, I find it hard to resort to shapewear. It's so… matronly. Pulling on a waist-whittling shaper, as necessary as that may be, makes me feel like I am wearing a panty girdle. Which is the name they tend to go by when they're selling them to the old ladies who don't mind being old ladies. Yikes. You might as well accessorize with some suntan color support hose. I'd rather be chubby!

Thankfully, the kind folks at Yummie Tummie have come out with a collection of shapewear that is so sleek and sophisticated that you could even wear it as outerwear. "No way!" I thought to myself. But it's absolutely true. Heather Thomson, the designer behind Yummie Tummie has an auspicious fashion history cladding the truly bootilicious: she was responsible for the P. Diddy's Sean John collection, Jennifer Lopez's Sweetface line and several of Beyonce's labels. Heather created Yummie Tummie to address the fact that most shapewear compressed EVERYTHING, not just your tummy. She wanted something to control the muffin top but leave everything else, uh, large and in charge.

To that end, Yummie Tummie products are made of soft silky cotton in the bust and hip area but feature a dual-fabric slimming midsection panel that sucks your gut right in without looking like a girdle. I can't emphasize enough how much better it feels to pull on something that looks like a normal cami than a straitjacket! I got to try the Strappy Tank in black. It looked just like an ordinary cami on but lo and behold, it created a long, smooth line. I like it a lot although I would probably go for a wider strapped tank if I was picking one for myself. Being large of shoulder and bust, spaghetti straps are a toughie for me, I tend to spill out of skinny tanks, so this will most likely just be worn under other shirts or jackets.

I wish I had known about Yummie Tummie while nursing. Their Nursing T features the same slenderizing midsection panel but also features a longer length and snap-down flap for easy access. This would be so great for concealing the post-partum jiggly belly and preserving a modicum of modesty while breastfeeding.

The Yummie Tummie items I am most looking forward to trying in the future include the Freedom T, which essentially is a wider-strapped tank with a built-in shelf bra (hello, summer wardrobe!), the long-sleeved Body T (available in 10 colors!), and the exquisite lace-trimmed Peek-a-Boo Cami, which is slinky and strappy but I imagine it would make me feel like a movie star. And what other shapewear can boast that?!


  1. I NEED Yummy Tummy! Desperately in fact!

  2. I could really use one of those, since I have more than muffin top, maybe souffle top.

    I like the styles and colors that they offer.

  3. Now I need all the colours they sell. Seriously. How can I convince DH I need these? I do. Seriously. Whenever I mention clothing he say, I love you just the way you are. Which means, please do not buy any clothes.

  4. I am all over this. Thanks Naomi!

  5. Thanks for bringing the yummie tummie to my attention! After 4 kids and the last of my prenancies being twins...lord knows I need it. Now, these shirts magically shave inches off of your butt and thighs too, right? Hahaha! If they erase stretch marks as well, I'll take one of everything!

  6. I'm a big fan of nursing tanks, especially for layering under normal tops. But they don't take care of any muffin top, that's for sure. Hmm maybe I'll ask for a few of these for Mother's Day!!!


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