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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Join the Qlubb

Qlubb is an online utility that allows multiple members of a group to share information, connect with each other and get tasks accomplished all in one place. Some of its handy features include event calendars, member rosters, reminder services, bulletin boards, and sign-up sheets.

Best of all, Qlubb is easy to use and very intuitive, even for novice computer users. (Like my mom, who belongs to many social and charitable organizations but insists on having her email messages sent to me for some reason.) You can start your own Qlubb with two simple clicks and join a Qlubb with only one click! Your Qlubb can include public and private web pages, shared to-do lists, photo sharing, online RSVP, and group emailing.

Qlubb would be useful for classroom groups, church organizations, sports teams, families (especially reunions!), playgroups and social clubs– anything that involves getting more than one person onto the same agenda. No user registration is required, try Qlubb and see what it can do for you!

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