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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Like A Big Pizza Pie

I could eat pizza every single day if my family would let me. Deep dish, thin crust, Chicago-style, New York-style, stuffed, wood-fired, Japanese okonomiyaki, whatever you can throw at me, I will probably like it. I feel a similar kinship to baked goods. In fact, I enjoy baking more than cooking, which might explain why pizza ranks so high upon my list. Imagine my excitement upon discovering My Pizza Cake, an online establishment dedicated to creating sweet treats that look exactly like your favorite savory pies. Sign me up!

We received the Must Have Meat cake, snuggled safely inside an iconic white pizzeria box shown above. Upon opening, it looks to be your ordinary, run-of-the-mill meaty pizza with pepperoni, sausage, bacon bits and a sprinkling of shredded parmesan:

But, no– it's a moist and delicious cake! With chocolate chips embedded in the batter, even. I was prepared to be underwhelmed by the flavor… how could a trompe l'oeil cake possibly taste good, too, right? I was wrong. The Must Have Meat Pizza Cake is really yummy. The cake is a bit denser than a standard cake, more like a pound cake or sour cream cake, and the toppings are really delicious. My favorite is the innovative crisped rice "sausage" although Roo favored the white chocolate "pepperoni" slices. I had to tell her not to steal all of them off the cake! The only complaint I had was the "sauce" was a little too sweet for me, but I usually have the same problem with cake frosting, too.

Bob wanted more chocolate (we're a family of choco-holics, I'm afraid) so next time we will have to try the Pizza Brownie Supreme which is perhaps less convincing from a visual perspective (who ordered the pumpernickel crust?!), but certainly more satisfyingly full of chocolatey goodness!

There are several other varieties, too, including a Create Your Cake option where you can pick your own toppings to make a truly custom My Pizza Cake. And wouldn't it be fun to serve up the Look Mom, I'm Eating My Veggies Pizza Cake below to a party of sullen pre-teens? Yes, I think it would.


  1. Wow! Who thinks these things up? I could see this at a kids pizza party. It would be a hoot bringing out yet another pizza, for dessert!

  2. What a fun idea. You should consider coming up to Chicago in late May for the All Candy Expo. OMG, says it all.

  3. I think we are kindred spirits when it comes to pizza and baked goods (seriously, I'm game for this anytime, any day), but I am slightly weirded out by this concept. I have a similar problem with the concept of dessert pizzas.

  4. I don't like desert pizzas. I think the whole thing is tawdry and insincere.
    A pizza is a pizza and a cake is a cake and n'er the twain shall meet. Except here at superdumb supervillain.

  5. Wow! That dessert pizza really looks like! It looks a bit too rich and decadent and topping-laden for my taste. But I give the company props for creativity!


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