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Saturday, January 31, 2009


I've written about how much we enjoy Boon and how their gorgeous high chair, the Flair, is probably the only item from their entire product line that we haven't tried. The only reason we never bought one is because it wasn't available yet when Roo was little and we got a bare bones Ikea wooden highchair and we could never justify buying another highchair, even though we really hate the big Swedish monolith and stub our toes on it daily. And now Jasper uses it and it still sucks. Perhaps even moreso since he's a climber and the thing doesn't have a harness. And Boon has just introduced a brand new color. Yes, it's true, there is now a Pink Flair Highchair!!!

Jasper wouldn't be too scarred if I strapped him into this at every meal, would he? We need a Pink Flair, right?!


  1. That would match his pink shirt, so maybe you'd need to leave it at grandmas!

    My friend has the original color and it's pretty amazing. It goes well with her kitchen though, and would probably look silly in mine. I love that it swivels though, unlike the honkin' Eddie Bauer wooden one we have.

  2. I think it is absolutely awesome and he would have no memories of it anyway.


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