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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting To The Bottom Of It

Jasper has crazy bad diaper rash. Roo never did, so it is a constant reminder of what a terribly negligent mom I must be to my poor, abandoned second child. When he was a chunky infant I could sort of see why he, uh, chafed so much, but now that he's in the freaky skinny not-a-baby-anymore stage I can't fathom why he gets them so much. I've tried a zillion creams and lotions and powders, let him air dry, given him countless baths… and still my little sweetie has an inflamed monkey butt.

I read about a new diaper cream developed by Hollywood actress and director Melanie Mayron (she was the photographer/sister on Thirtysomething back when I used to pretend I didn't watch TV) and her chemist dad so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Mayron's Good Baby is formulated to relieve and prevent rashes. As their website states, Mayron's Good Baby Diaper Cream contains "No Paraben. No sodium lauryl sulfate. No DEA. Just natural, clean brilliant stuff. Loaded with essential oils, vitamins, anti-oxidants and healing ingredients in the aromatherapeutic tradition." It goes on light and smooth and has aromatherapeutic properties for baby AND parent. I swear I felt more relaxed using it and the faint scent of lavender and almond oil is so much nicer than the powdery smell of most baby products. I also liked that it didn't seem to gum up in all of the tender creases it's supposed to protect. Interestingly, Mayron's Good Baby is also good for adults to use as a barrier cream for all manner of things you don't really want to discuss in public… there's a whole list, ranging from triathalon pit stops to blisters to my personal favorite, Schvitzy Tuchas. (You know, now that I think about it, Jasper's sweaty bottom might be a Shapiro thing… hmm.)

Anyway, if you're in the market for a diaper cream, Mayron's Good Baby is a particularly nice one. You can even get it in single-use packets to keep in your bag without fear of the cap coming off. Not that I would know anything about that, of course. It looks like there's a whole range of other products (“Tangerine” Baby Oil, “Really Good” Hydrating Body Milk, “Gentle” Head to Toe Shampoo, “Amazing Chapped Cheek and Lip Protector,” and “Can‘t Live Without It” Sleepless Night Cream) they'll be offering one of these days, too. And just to prove how committed their entire family is to keeping your entire family clean and healthy– Mayron's sister is the proprietress of Jao, the company behind the most glamorous of all hand sanitizers. Which their dad developed, naturally. And which you would do well to douse your hands with after slathering your kiddo with Mayron's Good Baby!


  1. What in the world is sleepless night cream? That sounds like a curse! I have enough sleepless nights as it is.
    I hope this magical balm works wonders for Jaspy. Poor dear.
    I'm sure you have tried everything :(

  2. I love your reviews and your smarmy comments (back when I used to pretend I didn't watch TV).

    Their products sound great, and I loved the humor on the site, especially using the adult barrier cream for honeymoons.

  3. hey lady! I'm a long time reader and I started making salve for my little guy who also got THE WORST diaper rashes. It works like a charm for us and I'd be happy to send some your way if you are interested. : ) let me know! Thanks, Abi

  4. I think I definitely need to try the Amazing Chapped Cheek and Lip Protector. My son and I have been sporting some serious wind burned cheeks and chapped lips for the past couple of weeks. The little one got her daddy's skin, so she has nary a worry.

    Thanks for a great review!!

  5. well i have heard abt this stuff but never tryed any of it but well i would like to and if i ever get to well i think i try there stuff for diapper rash or well any thing


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