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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Donut Whole

Last night after yoga, which has rather surprisingly become my new favorite thing, Hannah and Chantel and I went to The Donut Whole. Which could easily become my new new favorite thing.

It's been open a while (since January, I think), so it's mildly embarrassing that this was my maiden voyage to The Donut Whole. Bob and I actually scoped out the building it's located in way back pre-kids when we thought it would be cool to live in a warehouse-y space. Back then, the upstairs had been converted into seriously sketchy tenement-style lodger apartments but the downstairs was pretty much the coolest space ever. Sadly, they wanted too much for the building considering how much we'd have to invest in making it livable, so we ended up buying our house in the 'burbs. Well, the 'burbs that edge up on the 'hood. Anyway, I digress. Let's talk more about The Donut Whole. Or about the donuts, anyway. Look at these beauties!

top: root beer float, cinnamon roll, s'mores
bottom: sunshine citrus crunch, bumble bee, Homer J
*revised to show correct names!

I didn't eat them last night, because I am a good person and decided to share them with my family. They're really good. They would probably have been even better last night. My personal favorites were the bumble bee (chocolate cake donut with citrus icing) and the sunshine citrus crunch (buttermilk donut with citrus icing and Fruity Pebbles). Jasper was especially fond of the cinnamon roll. I must say that cinnamon roll icing was sublime. But that citrus icing is a knockout!

There were A TON of people in The Donut Whole at 10 pm on a Monday night in Wichita, Kansas. I was impressed. And they have a drive-through. (Holy crap, I think I just gained ten pounds by typing that in!) The decor provides a great repository for owner Michael Carmody's vast collection of cool stuff, too.


  1. Hi!

    Actually the Homer J (named after Homer Simpson, naturally) is the one with the sprinkles. The citrus glazed with cereal is called Sunshine Citrus Crunch.

    Thanks for the kind words...hope to see you again soon!

    The Donut Whole

  2. I knew I should have stuck a finger in one last night and claimed it as my own! ;)

    The Soy Latte I had last night was really yummy, too.

  3. D'oh! Of course the gooey, sprinkley one is the Homer J... it looks just like the ones he gobbles on the Simpsons!

    I am correcting the donut nomenclature above.

  4. And even worse, the drive thru of death is open TWENTY FOUR HOURS A DAY. Yes, that's right, you can get your donut cravings quenched around the clock.

    I went back the next morning with my oldest for our date. We got free pinball and awesome music on the jukebox. The donuts were fantastic!

    I think we must make this a weekly trek, don't you?

  5. Oh my god, those look so good! And I must say I'm not too fond of donuts after having spent many teenage hours working at a donut shop.

    I guessed from the photo that it was fruity pebbles on that donut. We lived in a sugar cereal household growing up.

    Now I definitely need to come out to Wichita!

  6. Yoga? Donuts? You? Maybe a trip to Wichita is in my future :-)


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