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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Best of Both Worlds

Roo, like most five year olds today, LOVES Hannah Montana. She must have caught wind of her at preschool somehow because she was totally obsessed before ever seeing the television show or hearing one of the insidiously catchy pop songs. I dreaded the day when I would be forced to watch a Disney Channel TV show featuring the spawn of the Achy-Breaky Heart guy, but you know what? It's really not that bad. It's goofy and shallow, to be sure, but not any more than the Monkees reruns I used to watch fervently as a kid. And, really, it's kind of a nice change to see the girl being the rock star for once…

If your kids are as Miley/Hannah-crazy as mine, they will love the new line of Jakks Pacific Hannah Montana toys. There's a huge assortment of fashion dolls (Hannah and Miley! Even my favorite, Lola!) and accessories, a dancemat, microphone and even a Guitar Video Game that's like the Hannah-fied version of Guitar Hero, complete with purple guitar controller. There are even dolls that are specific to the HM Movie, wearing outfits that were seen on Miley on the big screen!

We received the Hannah Montana Rockin' Lights Electric Guitar which features changeable pickguards, trendy straps, light-up stars on the fretboard that make guitar sounds and even a whammy bar. It also plays full versions of "The Best of Both Worlds", "You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home" and "Rock Star" with surprisingly good sound quality. Perhaps the most parent-friendly aspect of the Hannah Montana Rockin' Lights Electric Guitar is the butterfly button that stops the rock, so to speak. Because you know your kids will push all of the buttons and then leave the room. Jasper loves it, too. He thinks his big sis is a total rock star.


  1. One of the girls I work with(i'm a caregiver with mentally disabled) does nothing but watch the Disney Channel and Lifetime movies. Those channels have such a wide spectrum between them so I think it's kind of funny. I do believe I've seen every episode of Hannah Montana, Suite Life(hotel and cruise ship), Wizards of Waverly Place, and all the other Disney shows. They really aren't that bad until you're sitting at the table in the other room, can hear the tv show, and can see it in your mind. haha

  2. What a little rock star.
    She looks adorable.

    Emil used to (and still does) like Drake and Josh. I got used to watching that show and like Hannah, it's all good in moderation.

    I'm just happy she's got a guitar in her hands and a whammy bar to boot.
    With Jaz on harmonica and her on guitar, you've got entertainment!

  3. You can totally see how she feels so cool with her guitar. Rock it out Roo!

  4. She loves that thing I bet!

    My sister-in-law (C's sister who has Downs) loves Hannah Montana. When SoJo was born, she said she wanted a Hannah Montana guitar for Christmas so she could play him a lullabye. We still get a kick out of that.

  5. Aww what a cutie - my niece {well one of them at least} loves Hannah Montana! I bet she'd love that.


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