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Thursday, July 09, 2009

HIV Healthcare Funding

Everyone's cutting corners these days and obviously some programs need to be cut. I would like to think that healthcare wouldn't be one of the first things to go but that is what HIV positive patients in California are facing.

If you are a a California resident, please call your legislators and let them know how you feel about healthcare budget cuts.

The petite woman in front is my cousin Sherri who is an HIV/AIDS educator and activist. She has been HIV positive since 1987 and hosts a Here TV podcast, Straight Girl in a Queer World.


  1. That's horrific news, to say the least.
    Are we supposed to just stand back and watch people die because of budget cuts now?

    There are an incredible amount of programs being slashed that will affect all of us, directly or indirectly. Writing one's legislators at least gives us a chance for out voice to be heard, loud and clear.
    Thanks for the video and news superdumb!

  2. Awesome post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HIV is entirely preventable, yet incurable. It's shocking to me that prevention education should be one of the lowest priorities.


  3. Think you Nomi for bringing this to our attention. It think it outrageous that such a worthy cause should be forced to face any budgetary cuts at all. The medication is outrageously priced to begin with, no one could afford those prices without help. Ugh! I shall be writing letters and getting the word out. Again, thank you.


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