superdumb supervillain: Smooshies!

Friday, July 31, 2009


Smooshies are plush toys that allow your child to mix and match different crazy limbs and hair and facial features to create their own unique monster. Or alien. Or robot. Or animal. The only limit to what Smooshies can be is your imagination!

Roo and Jasper were both immediately captivated by the bright colors and soft fabrics of the Smooshies. We only received one to review so I actually had to make them take turns playing with it!

Roo liked putting the Smooshie together, while Jasper was more interested in taking it apart. The velcro makes it easy to do both although I think for younger kids it might be better to have bigger velcro flaps, especially for the skinny arms and legs which were a little more tricky to adhere perfectly. They're a great size for kids to tote around and cuddle with and the price is definitely appealing: bodies run $5.99 and additional parts are just $1.99 exclusively at My kids had the various appendages strewn all over the house in a matter of minutes!, so the one thing I would like to see with future Smooshies would be a way to contain all the parts- either via a self-contained pocket inside the body or a separate bag.

Roo thought these pink lips looked better on the backside of the Smooshie because she's five and nothing is funnier to a pre-kindergartner than butts… except maybe farts. (Thankfully, Smooshies haven't expanded into a smelly range of accessories yet.) I have to admit that it does make a fetching butt-ruffle effect.

One2One Network supplied us with the Smooshie pictured to facilitate this review. We also have the chance to win a gift card by writing about this toy. Just so you know.


  1. Aw... Smooshies are adorable! That's so cool, countless limbs to be had. If they're good, they get an appendage!

  2. Those are so cool! And very reasonably priced.


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