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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm writing this from the frontseat of my mom's car, parked in the lot of Exploration Place. Jasper fell asleep en route and I don't really want to subject my aunt and cousins (or Roo and grandma, for that matter) to my nemesis, overtired and cranky boy.

This summer has been a giant exercise in waiting. Trying to balance Jasper's nap schedule with Roo's activities, spend time with family and friends, find time for myself, waiting for BlogHer as a pivotal demarcation of time. It's been hard for me to maintain a blogging schedule and I apologize profusely for that- especially to my patient and merciful giveaway sponsors! I hope I haven't bored anyone so much that they won't come back once the heat and lethargy have subsided... Regular programming will return; hopefully sooner than later.

You'll just have to wait for ME to wake up...

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  1. Naomi, I totally get you. Not that I'm a sponsor or anything, but it's been crazy here with just one kid. I can only imagine dealing with 2.

    I can't believe how big Jasper is! I must say that every time, but he's just so long in that carseat.

    Oh, and I finally got your blog to appear on my blogroll!

  2. No problem. I subscribe to your feed so posting frequency is inconsequential. I just stop in whenever you post. :)

    Enjoy your summer!

  3. When that little firecracker wakes up, you are in BIG trouble missy!

    When mine fell asleep in the car, I made up wild stories about where they had been, what they had seen.

    :) my word verification is "dingo" again.
    That happens frequently here. Strange.

  4. You know what, we all understand... it's been sooo long since I've had little ones, but I do remember all the juggling. So, I think you should just enjoy your little private holiday of peace and quiet for yourself. The craziness will return when he wakes up, plus Roo is well cared for at the moment, relish the time you have for yourself.
    Enjoy your summer!!

  5. I'm just lucky I get to see you at least once a week!

    Love the picture of Jasper - sleeping kids are always so peaceful and adorable!


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