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Monday, August 24, 2009

A Parent is Born

My mom says she used Pampers with me, although I can't remember, obviously. I've always been partial to Pampers, even though our birth care center distributed the other big brand. They fit Roo and Jasper best and provided the best leak protection. Both of my kids are prone to skin irritation from dyes and fragrances and I wish that Swaddlers Sensitive had been available when they were infants. We still use Sensitive Wipes for Jasper and flushable Kandoo Sensitive wipes for Roo.

Anyway, I tend to think pretty highly of Pampers (especially their funding of UNICEF projects in Africa with the lovely and talented Salma Hayek) so when I was asked to view their new web series about pregnancy, I didn't hesitate. "A Parent is Born" is a 12-part documentary about real-life couple Suzie and Steve and their journey to parenthood. Now, I have watched many an early '80s-era educational film about pregnancy and childbirth and this is thankfully nothing like them. It's heartwarming in a realistic way, not a cheesy, eye-rolling way… kind of like watching home videos, actually. It's easy to identify with the couple, especially with chapter 9 ( "The Racing Minds of Pregnant Parents") which shows the emotional teeter totter that expectant parents are on, balancing excitement with abject fear and worrying. You generally don't see that on tv…

If you're expecting your first child or you know somebody who is, "A Parent is Born" is definitely worth checking out. Each episode is about four minutes long, so it's not a major time commitment. It might give future dads a heads-up on what to expect, too, without too much of the fluffy baby stuff.

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  1. They're much better than those horrid ones they showed at our childbirth class. And our instructor actually provided popcorn, as she thought they were more entertaining than informative.

    We also found that Pampers were the best disposables we've tried.


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