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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer in the Bag

I wanted to have a keepsake to remember how cute Roo and Jasper are this summer (when they're not driving me totally insane by bickering and making each other cry), so I decided to order a photo bag from Snaptotes, the sister site of PicStreet, where I got the fabulous photo throw pillow made last year. I thought I'd use some of the very vivid pictures of the kids running in our yard because the green grass reminds me of Tibor Kalman's photoprinted umbrella and it really pops as a clutch. I think it turned out so well, I took it to BlogHer with me so I could see the kids while I was gone…

Of course, as soon as my mom saw it, she had to have one, too. But bigger and better! So I ordered the classic handbag for her:

People stop her to ask her where she got it and she has become a Snaptotes disciple. I'm pretty sure she's sold a dozen already, just by carrying her purse everywhere…

Get 15% off your Snaptotes order with code villain09 (good through October 1st).

Just FYI: This was not a paid review– I liked the products so much after reviewing the pillow that I became a customer!


  1. oh and that you did the bag. It's too cute!!

    see you're so much more creative than I ever could be! ha!

  2. I agree. Hers IS much bigger and better than yours. natch.

    Now you can clutch the little angels even when they're not home. Or when you're out on some big adventure.

  3. I love those!! You picked some great pics for sure!

  4. My mom is a snaptotes disciple also. The picture clarity is amazing. People stop her all the time as well. She's crazy about her bag too.

    I love your and your mom's bags! The green grass looks amazing ( and j & r are pretty adorable too).


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