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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Handmade Toys

Bob took this great video of Jasper helping to pick up toys in the yard yesterday. He's very diligent. (I wish he was so conscientious about cleaning up his toys indoors, too!)

For a better look at the toys, all of which Bob made out of wood for Roo and Jasper over the last few years, check out his new blog: Robot on Holiday.

As a sidenote, Jasper has refused to wear anything but greaser jeans and this car hoodie (zipped all the way up!) for the past week or two. Luckily I've been able to snag them and wash them overnight a couple of times. I am amazed at how much he cares about what he's wearing these days… he's only two. I can't imagine how difficult he's going to be to dress in a couple of years.


  1. Jobes went through a hoodie phase also when he was two. His was a green one w/ a monkey face from Gymbo.
    He didn't have a favorite pair of pants that I remember ,but finally when the sleeves were way to short on the hoodie I had to hide it. It was getting embarrassing.

  2. Like I said before, Bob is so talented!! Wow...
    Jasper did a great job! Erik does pretty well too, but he likes to pitch a fit about it at first... Gotta love this stage! =)
    Your yard is GORGEOUS!! Love seeing the leaves change color... We don't see that here in Phx. They go from green to dead and falling off. Nice.

  3. I think you might just need to bring the wagon inside for cleanup.

    I remember my brother used to obsessively wear a pair of cowboy boots when he was 3-4 (his clodhoppers as my parents called them). It was ridiculous. Even when it was summer, he'd be scuffing around in them and would scream if you took them off.

    Bob's toys are seriously THE best handmade wood toys I've seen. I love the one that looks like Roo. Your kids will treasure them as they grow up.

  4. Wow, those toys are great. My son could care less what I put on him. Some days we both just run around in pj's, I know, slacker mom. LOL

  5. greaser jeans are awesome. I still wear them :-)

  6. It reminds me of the Barney song . . . clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere . . . LOL!


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