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Monday, October 05, 2009

Need a Fix?

Bristols 6 is on a mission to make your clothes look better on you. (Or off of you, as the case may be.) Their signature product, Nippies, are pasties made practical: they are meant to cover your nipples when wearing a bra isn't possible but you'd like to maintain a bit of mystery… Which isn't to say that they're not any fun!

Nippies are available in a variety of shapes– everything from hearts to stars to butterflies– and colors/patterns– from nude lace to gold sequins. They attach securely over your nipples with a medical grade adhesive and can be worn for 6-8 hours. I tried the gold sequin stars and they are actually a bit supportive while obscuring the nipples… not that I see myself flashing them out in public anytime soon!

If you're more of a purist, there are also Natural Nippies, ultra-thin silicone discs that provide a smooth finish sans brassiere. They are available in adhesive and non-adhesive versions, the latter sticking thanks to your own body heat. Natural Nippies come in two skin tones and may be reused indefinitely. They look like they would be super useful for keeping covered in sheer dresses, but also under bathing suits or sports bras if you're worried about being too pokey, which is definitely a problem I have had since breastfeeding two kids.

I also received the perfect "quick fix" product for short girls: Hem Tape for Denim. I rarely find jeans in the correct length for me and when I do, they are often wrong if I am wearing heels or flats. Hem Tape for Denim is basically double-stick tape that allows you to fold your jeans under, creating the perfect length at a moment's notice. Since it's not permanent, you can try a variety of lengths without committing to a tailor. It's also handy for keeping your cuffs in check with boyfriend jeans.


  1. See, I would never even know the Hem tape stuff existed because I'm always trying to get my jeans LET OUT at the hem.

    Just goes to show, grass is always greener...

  2. What, where did you wear those stars? Girrrrl!


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