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Friday, November 20, 2009


Last night, I went to a charity dinner with my mom and Bob called around 8:30 to tell me that Ludella had run off. I guess she'd pooped in the studio and he'd put her outside, hooking her leash onto his carving bench, just while he cleaned up the mess and when he came back outside a couple of minutes later, she was gone. Of course, my mom and I hurried home and I changed into comfy shoes and we searched the neighborhood for our little puppy. So many of our awesome neighbors came out to help us, searching yards with flashlights and even driving around the outlying neighborhoods but she was nowhere to be found. We searched until almost midnight and I even made flyers that Bob posted in the hopes someone took her in to keep her safe overnight. She was only three months old and so tiny.

Well, you obviously know what comes next. Bob found Ludella this morning around 6:30 in the ditch on the street parallel to ours. I'd walked it twice last night looking for her and I honestly don't think she was there when I was. She'd been hit by a car and her poor, sweet nose was completely bloody. We made the decision to show the kids and Roo thought she looked like a clown. Her first question was "can we get another dog?" but I don't think she was trying to be callous. She watched as Bob buried Ludella. Jasper said "puppy hurt?" but I don't think he really understood. Roo was about his age when we had to bury our cat, Lum. I printed off the last pictures I'd taken of Ludella for Roo to put in her photo album to take to school. I'm putting them up here, I guess as some sort of makeshift eulogy.

Ludella was my first dog and it might sound a little insipid since we only had her for six days but she was such a good one. She slept through the night in bed with me and Bob and was very gentle with the kids and cats. She loved to play in the yard and sleep on the couch equally. I hate that the last thing I did with her was crate her before going to the charity dinner, since Bob was at the park with the kids. (He didn't take Ludella because she wasn't supposed to be around unvaccinated animals until she had her vaccines finalized. We actually had her first vet appointment scheduled for this morning after we dropped Roo off at school.) I wasn't looking forward to taking her on the big cross-country road trip for Thanksgiving but, then again, I'm not looking forward to spending that much time in the car with Jasper, either.

I hate that we won't have the chance to watch her grow up. I miss her already. Ludella was a great puppy and such a good fit in our family. She and Jasper had a great bond, too, I wish I'd taken more pictures of them together. She was the dog that Roo's been asking for over the last year and a half. Gone in six days. I have no idea what to do next. I can't imagine the Humane Society allowing us to adopt another dog in the future- we didn't even give this beautiful puppy a whole week of happy family life. I'm surprised I've managed to keep Piewackett relatively safe and happy for 17 years now. I feel like curling up and dying because we failed Ludella. And she was my girl, too.


  1. OH MY GOD!!! I cannot believe that happened! Oh Naomi, I am soo sorry to hear this. That poor sweet little dog. I never would have thought this would happen. I assumed that she'd just run off and was taken in by someone else.

    I'll be thinking about you all today.

  2. Oh man, that really sucks. There's nothing insipid about the way you feel.

    I think Roo is right about this. Go to the Humane Society and explain what happened. They know that accidents happen sometimes. It doesn't make you bad pet owners.

  3. Naomi, I am so very sorry! How awful for you guys. I am so sorry about your puppy. The humane society won't blacklist you, that just doesn't seem right. You obviously loved the dog a lot. Sending your family a giant hug.

    (Obviously I can view your blog again. Yay! I am glad it finally let me back in, though sad that it was to hear about your sad experience. Again, I am so very sorry.)

  4. i'm so sorry about that puppy. it's hard, i know. thanks for putting up pics of her.

  5. I'm so sorry, Naomi. Such a tragic loss :( Keep in mind that you gave Ludella an awesome life while she was with you. She knew only love, fun, warmth, and happiness.

    My thoughts are with your family.

  6. I don't know what to's as if a loved one is gone, before we got to know her.
    I'm so sorry for you all.

  7. Oh Naomi I am so sorry and she was so young. You are not a bad dog mommy at all! Accidents happen. I think Roo was rather clever with her response. You and your family gave Rudella a loving home and there is another dog out here waiting to be loved, when you are ready. ((((((((hugs)))))))

  8. aww Naomi, I am so sorry you lost your little puppy! She was so cute. I hope everyone is ok. HUGS!!!

  9. We are so sad for you. As soon as Alyssa got home from school she asked if you had found her :( You were all great with Ludella and she had to love her time with you. Don't give up on having a puppy in the family; the right situation will present itself. We are thinking about you alot... the Wards

  10. Oh my gosh, Naomi :( I'm so sorry. I know how hard it is to lose a pet, they are family in every sense. I wish you had more time with her.

    Keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

  11. Oh I am so sorry to hear that Naomi! That is so very sad but you have a beautiful family and will get through this together.

  12. Naomi,

    Rob and I are so very sad and sorry about Ludella. Annika was sad about the news, too, and is thinking about Roo and how sad she must feel.

    I'm glad I got to meet Ludella and play with her. She was a very special little dog, and I know you all loved her very much.

  13. I am SO sorry! Even 6 days can create a bond. I'd be devastated too... I'm so sorry!

  14. I am so sorry this happened to you. It's not your fault she ran off. BIG hugs to you. Hang in there.

  15. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this! My sympathies to your family. :-( I hope you're allowed to adopt again.


  16. I'm sooooooooo terribly sorry. How utterly devastating.

    Please don't blame yourself at all. It can happen to anyone, and I'm just so scared that we might lose little AJ.

    One of our first concerns actually with a Beagle mix is that they apparently never learn to be street-wise.

    It is sooooo easy for a puppy to run off and I'm so scared the same will happen to us. We live around lots of busy roads so it is very scary.

    Again, I am so terribly sorry. I know this was a while ago and I hope you have let go of any feelings of guilt. It is just nobody's fault.

    I am so desperately sorry for your loss.


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