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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Naartjie Mommy & Me Dresses

I'm not usually a big fan of mommy & me fashion but when I got the email about Naartjie's more-comfy-than-prissy cotton knit dresses, I have to admit that I immediately envisioned Roo and I holding hands and skipping through a field of wildflowers…

Not too fluffy for mommy and not too boring for Roo. I think I'd pick the truffle dress for me:

And the aloe dress for Roo:

They're all on sale for 30% off right now, so I might even be able to justify getting it in a couple of other less-subdued colors for Roo…


  1. Those are so cute! I like the subdued colors, like you. I recall fighting with my mom when she wanted to dress me in "adult" colors. I preferred loud, gaudy dresses.

  2. Those look great. You should take holiday pictures in the dresses.


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