superdumb supervillain: Disney Wrap-up (family photos)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Disney Wrap-up (family photos)

Both kids had a great time but it was interesting to see the differences in the way they reacted to things. Jasper bought some Star Wars action figures in the Star Tours gift shop and when we ended up back at the Character Spot at Epcot, he insisted on showing them to each and every Disney character and posing with it for photos. It was pretty hilarious because he took it very seriously. Roo, meanwhile, had been carrying around a note for Mickey the whole trip and was impressed because he stuck it into his shoe. "He doesn't have pockets, mommy!"

Roo loved Kristin's daughter Kai! They were instant best pals. So sweet.

I think we could move into the Toy Story area at Disney Hollywood Studios and the kids would be pretty content. Me, too! (Aside from the overabundance of cheerleaders due to a convention. Yikes.)

Both kids declared It's A Small World to be their favorite. My mom is so proud!


  1. Oh superdumb! They are adorable!!! I just love his Star Wars insistence and the pretzel pic is precious.Love that face.
    How cool that Roo and Kristin's daughter hit it off so well. Fun to share with another little girl I guess.

    Glad you're back but so happy you went:)

  2. ROFL at Jasper and the Star Wars toys!! I love that he was so serious about it!
    Super cute pic of Kai and Roo!!
    Now I want a pretzel! LOL!

  3. I love the Star Wars box...I would be proud too.

    Those toy story costumes are a little freaky, I thought they were statues at first.

  4. of course, you probably knew this, but i worship "it's a small world" and mary blair.

    way to go, shapiro - burdette clan!

  5. What a great family event! Looks like everyone had such a great time! I bet you guys were treated like rock stars!


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