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Monday, June 14, 2010

Pixi Beauty

I fell in love with Pixi Lip Blush not too long ago and was excited to try a couple of their other products. I'm kind of a makeup whore, although I don't actually wear that much on a day to day basis, it's another anachronistic part of my personality. I covet bright colors and shiny glosses but I'm fairly natural when all is said and done. In any case, I was really amped up to try Pixi Water Blush since my favorite similar stain (by Nars) was discontinued a while back. It's a little bottle of pigmented liquid that provides a long-lasting sheer pinky red color. I've been using it every day on my lips and cheeks. It gives a very natural flushed look, although you could probably layer it for a more dramatic look.

Illuminating Tint & Conceal is a tinted moisturizer with a matching concealer in the cap. I have a hard skin tone to match but this does a pretty decent job. I use the Nude shade but I think that Sun Glow might be a better shade for me in the summertime.

The third product I tried is the Smokey Eye Wand, which is kind of a combination of eyeliner and powder shadow formulated to create a no-fuss smolderingly sexy look. (Yes, I did indeed just write "smolderingly sexy." You're welcome.) It was easy but I think I could use some practice!

I like the usability of Pixi Beauty products. They seem very basic and easy to use but also pretty glamorous. Plus the pricing is reasonable, which is nice. I like that Pixi Beauty is available at Target stores as well as online. Here's a shot from my trial run with the three products I reviewed here:

Obviously, this was from before I went red. Other than that, what do you think? I'm not used to wearing foundation so the Illuminating Tint & Conceal is a little startling to me but it definitely gave me enough coverage with just a light application. I totally adore the Pixi Water Blush; it will definitely be my new everyday staple. The Smokey Eye Wand bears further investigation on dressier occasions than picking the kids up from school. I did feel a little *too* smolderingly sexy…

Disclosure: I received the three items for review purposes.

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  1. Pretty pretty! I should be more of a makeup whore, or maybe just a makeup one-night-stander. I need help in my old age.


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