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Monday, May 17, 2010

HomeFree Allergy-Safe Treats

HomeFree makes treats that are peanut, dairy, egg and tree nut-free in a dedicated bakery that ensures safety from cross-contamination. "Allergy-free" is not usually a big selling point on snacks for my kids. We're lucky enough to have escaped any life-threatening allergies so we're not required to purchase them but it is nice to have something on hand to serve the kids' friends who do have food allergies. HomeFree treats are not only safe but they are delicious, too. We tried two varieties and both were gone almost instantaneously!

The Organic Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies are tiny and crunchy, reminiscent of store brands like Chips Ahoy. They are incredibly addictive!

The Organic Oatmeal Cookies come six to a box. They're more of a home-style cookie, very dense and soft and chewy. Each cookie packs a whopping 13g of whole grain and 2g of protein with a very low sodium and glycemic profile, too, so you can feel pretty good about serving them as an afterschool snack.

HomeFree also offers a variety of other allergy-free products, including Coffee Cakes, Baking Ingredients, and an Allergen-free Baking Cookbook.

Disclosure: We received samples of the cookies shown above in order to review them.

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  1. They're delicious! I love the mini chocolate chips!


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